Aczel at the BBC

 An Interview from BBC

"I am a football fan, of course I am, and these drawings are for football fans by a football fan." With his drawings, Argentine cartoonist German Aczel offers a unique journey throughout the history of the World Cup. Here Uruguay and Argentina leap onto the pitch in the first final of the World Cup played at the Centenario stadium in Montevideo.



The drawings reviews in detail every World Cup, underlining the most stunning landmark moments, like this Ghiggia goal, which gave Uruguay their second title after beating Brazil in the "Maracanazo".



"First I chose the images that had the most impact on me, after asking friends and looking at books or the Internet, but I always focused on what most interests the football fan." Bobby Moore was captain of the England team when the inventors of football won their first and so far only World Cup title.


 Pele alongside Jairzinho in a picture showing "O Rei" celebrating his goal in the final in Mexico 1970, his third World Cup title. "Schoolmates, friends, tell me now that when they see this drawings they remember when I used to draw the Boca goals at school on Mondays after the game. Boca Juniors is my club."


 "The first memory I have of the World Cups is of cutting up pieces of paper to welcome Argentina onto the pitch. Unfortunately, I only cut up papers while my brothers went to the stadium." An outstanding debt that was finally settled this year. "It's my dream job because I've been working on this for years and now it's all worked out."


 "I was in tears when drawing him. I remembered how much he impressed me as a boy. I was twelve, an age when you start to realize your surroundings, and I am grateful that I was lucky enough to live through the time Maradona was playing." Diego's second goal against England is for many the best in World Cup history



"Who would not be shocked by Zidane's headbutt? That moment of madness that any human being can have, when your mind goes blank. A unforgettable negative moment . Just for the record, I love Zidane, he was a great player. The header just made him human."

"All kids draw when you give them a pencil. Some better than others, but they all scribble. In my case once I started I just never stopped." Since starting publishing at the age of 16, German Aczel's drawings have taken him all over the world, and finally to Germany. There he met his wife, dancing tango, his other great passion.