Aczel at the Frankfurt Bookfair


Book World Cup 1930-2014

 This is Aczel at the Frankfurt Bookfair explaining all about the drawings to the sculpture he made of the legendary Pele.




The story of the World Cup has been told at least a million times in recent years, but never quite as attractively as with the drawings of the Argentinean artist German Aczel... and it’s mostly magnificent.

Sport magazine


Gives iconic World Cup images an added unique dimension

Sunday Independent


German is a brilliant artist but foremost a football fan. And it is this passion for the game which really comes across his World Cup drawings the best visual account of the world's greatest tournament that we have ever come across.We love it, we really do. If there is a better way of portraying the World Cup then we have yet to see it.

Stuart Messham,


His drawings are so good they could put newspaper graphics departments out of business. The Wayne Rooney caricature is superb.

Peter Wilson, Sports Journalists Association




A very different, and extremely attractive, alternative view of of some of the most memorable occasions in football history.

Programme Monthly



Finds an eye-catching twist … by presenting the World Cup in the way that it is best suited – visually. could ask for no better collection.



Artist German Aczel has managed to give the tournament a unique perspective, producing a wonderful history in caricature. ... created brilliant drawings that capture vividly the character of the individuals and the drama of the event. With pencils and watercolours, Aczel also brings new life to some of the tournaments never-to-be-forgotten moments...

The Sports Bookshelf




thoroughly entertaining

The world game has never been so carefully crafted in pictures, so meticulously scribed and fun in so many ways. Everyone can enjoy this thoroughly entertaining look at the World Cup.

Antony Siokos,